Rest In Peace – Maxxie – December 20, 2012


Our vet said he has an injury on his eye which didn’t heal and now the iris is poking through. The build up of fluids behind his eye is what causes the weeping and the pain and he is in pain. She said it’s going to get a lot worse, no chance of healing. In addition to the pain from his exploding eye, he was having problems walking with a spinal injury and arthritis, deafness and other ailments and it would have been too late to save the eye. We did not want him to suffer during the Holidays, where immediate emergency care may not be available.

Maxxie at our Medieval Wedding August 31, 2002

Maxxie out at the Cottage August 22, 2009

Maxxie participating in the Flexi City Belt Retractable Leash Test September 2011

Here’e Maxxie this morning “T minus 10 hours” December 20, 2012

This Is My Dog Louie

These Papillon pictures were sent to use by “PappillonLvr”:

Coldwell Banker
Rick Fields
Studio City, CA

More Pics!

Sophie Enjoying The Sun At The Cottage

This was taken May 23, 2010

Meet Sebastian and Romeo

I once heard, “If you own a Papillon you will never go to the bathroom alone again,” it is another way of saying they are loyal to their owners. ..

Oh – that is SOOOO true! lol Thanks for sharing Cheryl !! // HART

The Boys Together on a Chilly Fall Day

The Boys Together on a Chilly Fall Day

Here are my two papillons, Sebastian (red/wht) and Romeo (tri-color). I decided to get my first Papillon (Sebastian) after dealing with an emotionally draining business situation gone bad. My friend Lisa thought it was the last thing I needed but later recanted and told me this little Pap of mine was the loving distraction I needed. Romeo entered our lives a month later. Lisa once again thought I went off the deep end, taking on two Paps but soon realized Romeo’s presence made us a whole and healthy pack.

Flash forward (two years later)…..

Sebastian, Romeo and I are doing quite well. We moved to sunny Florida to avoid the chilly fall and winter of New England. The boys are much happier here in their new spacious home and I am busy fixing up our new place. I once heard, “If you own a Papillon you will never go to the bathroom alone again,” it is another way of saying they are loyal to their owners. I can’t thank these two little guys enough for their loyalty as well as ability to heal a wounded heart.

Regards .. Cheryl

Chilling by the Campfire

Chilling by the Campfire

Sebastian taking a cookie from Lisa

Sebastian taking a cookie from Lisa

Bike Ride with Cheryl

Bike Ride with Cheryl

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It’s Football Time

Just Lying Around

You know it’s got to be a comfortable spot on the couch … Maxxie finds a nice spot with a pillow, and then Sophie wants to be there too!

Pasha and Lucy

Hey! My friend Vanessa from Blog Catalog has two Papillons!

I absolutely love my two paps. Pasha is a white and red sable, and he is three years old. Lucy is also a white and red sable, and she is two years old!

Vanessa Fosdal
Owner / Stylist
Fosdal Salon



Maxxie relaxing on the couch again

Maxxie relaxing on the couch

Sophie Weinstein

Found on Flickr …

“this picture stuff is fine. but let’s go outside and play”

sophie weinstein

Dewey hates Halloween

Found on Flickr …

Dewey’s dressed up as a fisherman, while Willow sports a glow-in-the-dark t-shirt that says “Scary but sweet.”

Dewey hates Halloween

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