Wall Plaques – Our Papillons Immortalized


What is Pyrography I hear you say?

It is the ancient art form of burning pictures into a piece of wood. It takes a steady hand & a lot of patience. All pieces are hand made , so there are no two pictures that are exactly alike.

For Christmas 2004 we commissioned Rebecca at Canine Photography to come up with some Heart Shaped Plaques of our pets. If you want something like this for next christmas, I suggest contacting her well in advance by clicking on the link to be sure she is available! Canine Pyrography is located in Cooranbong, Australia.

HERE ARE THE PICTURES … Each is about 7″ x 7″ in size
Sorry! They are not for sale!

May 2002 - Hello .. This is another formal picture of me, smiling

August 2004 - Closeup of Sophie lying in the sun

August 2004 - Maxxie and Sophie posing together .. awwww

September 2004

August 2004 - Hello. I am Alfie .. Maxxie and Sophie's cousin .. My family went on vacation without me and Maxxie and Sophie are keeping me company

What do you think?


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