Nice Floor .. NOW Can We Go For A Walk?

We renovated our main floor this week … My parents had the pleasure of babysitting their “Grand-Puppies” (Maxxie and Sophie) for two days – along with Zeussie Pussy Cat ..

I think that was the first time their puppy dog Sammi had ever seen a cat. On monday, he was neutered and was wearing one of those lick-stopper-cones … I wish I took pictures! He’s a cutie too.

However, I publicly apologize to my mother, who hasn’t slept for 94 hours due to barky-barky dogs in the middle of the night. Apparently, our cat loved to explore in the middle of the darkness in a new environment (what else is new!?) and .. Sammi had to tattle to ‘mommy’ šŸ™‚

More pictures of our new flooring … HERE

What do you think?


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