Rest In Peace – Maxxie – December 20, 2012


Our vet said he has an injury on his eye which didn’t heal and now the iris is poking through. The build up of fluids behind his eye is what causes the weeping and the pain and he is in pain. She said it’s going to get a lot worse, no chance of healing. In addition to the pain from his exploding eye, he was having problems walking with a spinal injury and arthritis, deafness and other ailments and it would have been too late to save the eye. We did not want him to suffer during the Holidays, where immediate emergency care may not be available.

Maxxie at our Medieval Wedding August 31, 2002

Maxxie out at the Cottage August 22, 2009

Maxxie participating in the Flexi City Belt Retractable Leash Test September 2011

Here’e Maxxie this morning “T minus 10 hours” December 20, 2012

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