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Sophie Enjoying The Sun At The Cottage

This was taken May 23, 2010

It’s Football Time

Just Lying Around

You know it’s got to be a comfortable spot on the couch … Maxxie finds a nice spot with a pillow, and then Sophie wants to be there too!

Sophie Sophie Sophie Sophie

I’m On Vacation

at Victoria Beach, Manitoba
August 6, 2008

Waiting for a Doggie Trailer ride

The rest of those “Doggie Trailer” pictures are up now, starting on Page 4 and on Page 5 if interested.

Waiting for the OK to eat our sliced Hard Boiled Egg Snack

May 8-Sophie (left) and Maxxie (right) waiting for the OK to eat their sliced hard boiled egg

Do I Have To Go Outside? It’s Cold Out There!

Oh No! A Cheerio Rolled Under The Couch! BarkBarkBark

Doggie Duds! By Brenda Puttaert .. at

Do You Need A Doggie Dud?

I posted a sneak preview of The Next Canadian Top Dog Models: Maxxie And Sophie the other day … well, the poster is now complete.

Doggie Duds! is owned by Brenda Puttaert who designs posh designer dog clothes and accessories exclusively for the Pawsh Pet Boutique at 722-½ Osborne Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada,

Call (204) 943-4062 For your custom fitting with the Exclusive Designer and your dog anytime!

Here’s The Promo Poster

Doggie Duds! By Brenda Puttaert
Doggie Duds! By Brenda Puttaert