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The Next Canadian Top Dog Models: Maxxie And Sophie

A friend has been designing and creating “posh” designer dogwear … We were trying to see if Maxxie and Sophie could become one of the Spoke Dogs with a few samples on .. and maybe be cute enough to end up in one of the Promo sheets! …



Maxxie and Sophie

Maxxie and Sophie are NOT happy that the Papillons didn’t win Best In Show at the 2007 Westminster Kennel Dog Show

See The Best In Show post over at – [The Blog]

Click the above link .. I linked the video of the Papillon judging over at PetLvr blog .. it’s cute šŸ˜€

Snack Time Eating Carrots

Did Somebody Say .. CAR RIDE? We’re Ready! Let’s Go!

Did Somebody Say .. CAR RIDE? We're Ready! Let's Go!

Maxxie and Sophie at Family Birthday Party February 3, 2007

Lots happening over there

I'll just sit here and wait until food drops

A Playful Fight In Progress

Sophie is bored

Maxxie .. That's My Spot

Ut Oh  - A KerFuffle is Brewing

Pooor Maxxie .. trying to get away

You Can't Escape the Wrath Of Sophie!

Oh No! Not the Tail In My Face Manouever! That's the second time I fell for that this month!

You can't escape me! Where do you think you are going Mr. Maxxie?

Aww  Maxxie doesn't want to play with me anymore

Here We Are! Lining Up For Some Veggie Treats! or Toast and Peanut Butter! Behind You! YooHoo!

Sophie .. Taking A Picture of Maxxie? Don’t Forget About me! Include Me! Include Me!

You just have to find that comfort zone and enjoy it!

I didn’t do it!