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Should we go swimming? or just lie on the grass in the sun?

Did somebody call me?

Did somebody say .. “Car Ride”?

Mmmm Soccer-Ball-Toy .. It’s PapillonLvrLishus!

I’m over here Maxxie .. with Soccer-Ball-Toy

You Are Getting Sleeeeepeeee

Look into my Eyes….

It was just another usual day of getting ready to bed – when geesh – this is what we see .. What do you think they are thinking?

Maxxie and Sophie .. Did You Hear That?

Downtime – Catching Some Zzzz’s

How a Papillon Gets a Cat To Do Her Bidding …

Step One: Sophie approaches Zeussie in his ‘Doughnut-Pillow-Bed-Bed”

Step Two: Sophie ‘Gets In Zeussie’s Face’ and practically forces her chest in his face

Step Three: Sophie getting that Lickin’ she is wanting! She just stands there and Zeussie licks her chest or her legs ..

Note #1: If Zeussie stops, Sophie pats her paw on Zeussie’s head to let him know that he shouldn’t stop

Note #2: If Zeussie doesn’t want to continue, he will bite Sophie and we will here a screeech! (But, only a play bite – don’t worry)

Thinking of a Magic Carpet Ride