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Meet Sebastian and Romeo

I once heard, “If you own a Papillon you will never go to the bathroom alone again,” it is another way of saying they are loyal to their owners. ..

Oh – that is SOOOO true! lol Thanks for sharing Cheryl !! // HART

The Boys Together on a Chilly Fall Day

The Boys Together on a Chilly Fall Day

Here are my two papillons, Sebastian (red/wht) and Romeo (tri-color). I decided to get my first Papillon (Sebastian) after dealing with an emotionally draining business situation gone bad. My friend Lisa thought it was the last thing I needed but later recanted and told me this little Pap of mine was the loving distraction I needed. Romeo entered our lives a month later. Lisa once again thought I went off the deep end, taking on two Paps but soon realized Romeo’s presence made us a whole and healthy pack.

Flash forward (two years later)…..

Sebastian, Romeo and I are doing quite well. We moved to sunny Florida to avoid the chilly fall and winter of New England. The boys are much happier here in their new spacious home and I am busy fixing up our new place. I once heard, “If you own a Papillon you will never go to the bathroom alone again,” it is another way of saying they are loyal to their owners. I can’t thank these two little guys enough for their loyalty as well as ability to heal a wounded heart.

Regards .. Cheryl

Chilling by the Campfire

Chilling by the Campfire

Sebastian taking a cookie from Lisa

Sebastian taking a cookie from Lisa

Bike Ride with Cheryl

Bike Ride with Cheryl

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9.27.2007 – Blogging For A Cause – Over on Blog

Having many blogs in my network, I feel completely justified in promoting this event on every domain and blog that I have at my disposal! Please help me pass the word around the internet, and if you can contribute .. please do!

9.27.2007 Blogging For A Cause - Stop Animal Cruelty and Pet Abuse On September 27, 2007 .. a wonderful thing will happen. Bloggers from all around the world will be “Blogging For A Cause”. I will be participating with my fellow bloggers, and am asking you to help me participate in this event. I will be blogging to .. Stop Animal Cruelty and Pet Abuse – over at – [The Blog]

I’ve done three posts so far for this event

1) An Introduction Post

2) A Clarification Post

3) How we rescued Zeus the Cat

To paraphrase from the PetLvr Site …

You Too Can Participate on September 27, 2007

I will be posting letters from “PetLvr Readers” around the world that have rescued an animal and made a positive difference in the life of one animal. YOU are the hero! I would like you to email me your story. Every story I receive on and before this Thursday will be published and permanently maintained on the PetLvr website, under a new page called “PetLvr Rescue Stories”. I will also link your website if you have one, and post a picture of your pet if you provide it to me.

* Did you rescue an animal from the humane society?
* Did you take a stray dog in and give it a home?
* Did you know any animal being abused and reported its owners to the authorities?
* Did you save any animal from natural disasters, such as Katrina or the Peru Earthquake?
* Do you work for any non-profit agency and helped save the life of an animal?
* If you are a non-profit agency and would like to be linked to your website 9.27.2007

Then … PLEASE! Email me your stories to: hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com with the subject: 9.27.2007

* If you have a blog, you too can join in with thousand’s of other blogs around the world. You can stop the abuse about any topic (elder abuse, children abuse, spousal abuse, environmental abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse, abuse in the workplace, etc) .. it’s up to you!
Just follow the link from clicking the above graphic, and if you are not already a member of .. well, join in and add me (PetLvr) as your friend! and you will be able to see your image in the widget in the sidebar when you come back here on September 27, 2007!

* If you do NOT have a blog .. feel free to start a *FREE* blog at made available by and start blogging! I will link all participating posts from there back over onto the main PetLvr blog … so start blogging!

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The Papillon

By Ms CiCi

The Papillon, a cuddly, “Toy” dog that weighs only 9 or 10 pounds with a height of between 8 and 11 inches. The Papillon’s coat is long, flowing, and silky in texture. Their coat will fluff at the chest area, and is fringed at their ears which should be given a daily light brushing. The Papillon is white with patches of other colors such as black, red, sable, tan or orange.

They may also be tri-colored, white body with black and tan markings. The hallmark coloring covers both eyes and ears completely and a white blaze on the forehead. Although rare, Papillon’s can be either pure white or jet black. These Papillon’s are excluded from AKC showing.

The Papillon originated in the 16th century, a popular lap breed loved by nobles and aristocracy in Europe. The French translation of Papillon is Butterfly, which they resemble with the white blaze on the forehead as the body, and the fringed ears as the wings. They are quite often considered to be a dainty breed, but in reality are well balanced and lively. They are a sturdy and hardy breed.

The Papillon is always alert, playful, and elegant. They are intelligent and friendly, taking great delight in meeting and greeting everyone they come into contact with. The Papillon does not display a shy or aggressive nature. They are highly energetic and athletic, but are also calm and patient but not as puppies. They are gentle and affectionate and love to be cuddled. A steady and obedient breed, the Papillon does well with older considerate children.

They may display possessiveness of their owner. They are quick to alert their family to danger or visitors, and may have a propensity to bark at all sights and sounds. However, they are not yappy or high strung. Indeed, the Papillon is a lovely companion.

The Papillon does not shed unless not brushed for a long period of time. They have no undercoat. A Papillon sheds so very moderately, it’s hardly noticeable. Therefore, they need to be brushed lightly every day or two, on the ears, tail and chest. It is important to pay particular attention to the hair behind the ears and on the stomach as these would be the areas more prone to matting. They should only be bathed once a week for they do not have an odor. Dry shampooing will be suffice. However, after bathing and they are dried, be prepared for them to slip right out of your hands; their hair is just that silky! It is important to keep the pads of their paws trimmed to prevent splaying.

If one could say the Papillon is “prone” to health issues it would be cataracts, patella luxation, and Von Willebrands disease.

The Papillon is extremely obedient and has an uncanny ability at problem solving. However, Papillons are very strong willed so you have to have the authority and show it while they are still very young. They require intense socialization at an early age, most notably with cats.

Papillons do extremely well in obedience and agility, and are highly trainable in the competitive show ring. They also make excellent therapy and service dogs. They respond best to consistent, loving and gentle guidance. The Papillon also loves to learn and perform tricks and are smart. Oh so smart!

Papillons are very easy to house train. We have a desk top ‘school bell’ sitting beside our door. When our little darling has to go outside to ‘tinkle’ he simply rings the bell!

The Papillon loves outdoor exercise and enjoys a daily walk. Yards must be securely fenced, as this breed will use their problem solving skills to escape if left unsupervised. The Papillon is an active indoor breed and some of their exercise needs can be fulfilled with play sessions. They do very well living in apartments. Papillons are not ‘yappers,’ however, they must be trained at a very early age the appropriate time to bark.

Papillons are great travelers! Ours know when we are going somewhere! We travel a lot and take our Papillon with us wherever we go. How excited he gets when we jingle the car keys and ask him if he wants to go on a trip! He loves his Travel Kennel. He knows his leash is something that belongs with his Travel Kennel, along with his “babies” (stuffed toys) and his chew bones.

We true animal lovers! Over the years we have had several breeds of dogs, each one of them were members of our family. We loved each one dearly and they remained, as part of our family, long past their normal years of living. The loss of our last 16 year old dog was so painful we thought we’d never get another.

However, after our own personal survival and overcoming the challenges presented by Hurricane Katrina we knew we needed to somehow take our medically challenged child’s mind off of what was before us. We decided to do this by granting him the deepest wish of his heart: his very own puppy, specifically, a Papillon.

Today, a year later, without a doubt, it was the best decision ever made! Not only has our Papillon been the best therapy for all of us, he is the greatest bundle of JOY that we could have ever hoped to receive.

If you are considering a new addition to your home, think PAPILLON.

Ms.CiCi is an accomplished author and world traveler. Her writings expose her wealth of ‘secret information’ so derived from her travels as well as drawing from her own personal wealth of wisdom. A great lover of nature, a visit to her website is a true delight: http://www.CiCi-Online.Com

Article Source:

BLOG OWNER’S NOTE: YES! Papillons DO shed hair, even when brushed regularly! I know .. from having Maxxie and Sophie! I don’t understand why this author would say that! Hmmm 😀 // HART

Doggie Duds! By Brenda Puttaert .. at

Do You Need A Doggie Dud?

I posted a sneak preview of The Next Canadian Top Dog Models: Maxxie And Sophie the other day … well, the poster is now complete.

Doggie Duds! is owned by Brenda Puttaert who designs posh designer dog clothes and accessories exclusively for the Pawsh Pet Boutique at 722-½ Osborne Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada,

Call (204) 943-4062 For your custom fitting with the Exclusive Designer and your dog anytime!

Here’s The Promo Poster

Doggie Duds! By Brenda Puttaert
Doggie Duds! By Brenda Puttaert


Ahhhh .. Just the way I wanted it..

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C’Mere Dogs .. Let Me Bonk You On Your Heads (sez the Zeussie Pussy Cat)

Maxxie and Sophie Lying Around

Maxxie Lying Around

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