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Sophie Weinstein

Found on Flickr …

“this picture stuff is fine. but let’s go outside and play”

sophie weinstein

Dewey hates Halloween

Found on Flickr …

Dewey’s dressed up as a fisherman, while Willow sports a glow-in-the-dark t-shirt that says “Scary but sweet.”

Dewey hates Halloween

Got My Flickr Pap Function Working Again

Unfortunately, I am still unable to go to Flickr, and find some great papillon dog pictures that people want to share, and use their “Blog This” feature to post this in my blogs. However, all is not lost because I am able to find pictures directly from my wordpress WRITE POST screen, using the INSIGHTS plugin.

As such, I will renew posting on this blog now! Enjoy.

Juno posing

Juno posing

Beanie & Daisy

Beanie & Daisy, originally uploaded by piotr m.


Eydie, originally uploaded by papillon_house.

Butterfly dog

Butterfly dog, originally uploaded by piotr m.

Do not disturb zee watchdog

Do not disturb zee watchdog, originally uploaded by slightlypale.


Gracie, originally uploaded by audreygrace.

hello! my name is soda

hello! my name is soda, originally uploaded by Alexia Abegg.