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Papillon dog poppy shuts door

Kalbi’s basic tricks

Kalbi the Papillon does some tricks barked by his daddy Tommy

Talking dogs! LOL!!!

Added March 11, 2007
From becerisme
I’ll never understand doggy chat. Th… I’ll never understand doggy chat. These are papillons & a shih-tzu performing their bedtime ritual, Mar/07 (more)

Found at: Watch Funny Dogs

dancing dog (mambo)

* I’m so happy to see a Papillon “out there” dancing šŸ™‚

Added November 08, 2005
From freestyler343
jes he is a maniac šŸ˜‰

Papillon Puppies On Ice

Papillon Puppies At 2 Days


Papillon The Butterfly Dog Video

12-week Old Papillon Video on YouTube

Riley – The Singing Papillon

Cute šŸ™‚